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a president barack obama on arrival. we are expecting him to take off of route 830 or so. we believe him of the fln. you can see secret service all wrong. security guards are at here. this is impressive. i have done 5-10 president of arrival/departure is. every time you get as stated airforce what is impressive. >>darya: if yes and they stop all of the aerospace until he is on his way. it >> reporter: as plain start leaving and taking off. you can see the planes getting ready to taxi off and take off out here. as soon as the caravan arrives on site everything comes to a screeching halt. >>darya: ok, we will see it leave the hotel and and we are over to you. thank-you so much. mark? >> let us see what is in store it with our brother. >>louisa: showers are creeping their way in. palo alto and to send us a. we are looking at a few leftover bread and drops. -- wayne it drops.rain drops. looke moister pumping its way enter this debate. it is backing and into the east wait. your future cast shows showers edging in through the day and buy it 2:00 hour it is the same story. by 4:00 you will see
of president barack obama as transportation budget. >> mark: out of egypt and the egyptian government ask the united states to freeze assets of the egyptians. in the meantime there former president is becoming a missing person. he has all but banishevanished. a committee out appointed by the military to amend the constitution says the new document will be temporary until democratic rule is that established. protests are going through middle east countries. this is a this scene iniran, they're calling for death. tens of thousands of people turned out for this rally in solidarity with egypt. it was the first show of strength from the opposition. >> darya: yemen protesters are scuffling with police. the demonstrators are demanding political reform and a white u.s. president to leave, meantime hillary clinton is making of policy address today, she will warm repressive states that curbs on internet freedom will not hold back reform. that there is no application for ending online repression. she says regimes that clampdown on internet usage will not be able to see what's been changed forever. >
. they say they're disappointed president barack obama made tough comments last week but they signed on to the idea of a gradual transition. led by the new vice president. a google executive is expected to go free today. he took part in a protest and then nobody heard or saw him. that was january 27th, a lot of concern for him. he is head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. they met with the government is exploring ways out of the standoff. reportedly they negotiated their release and he is expected to release this afternoon. >> some fog showing up this morning talking about the weekend whether we had we are hoping for more of the same. >> it confused people little, what season was it. today we are back where we should be. it will be feeling that way as well. for the most are we will stay dry today and the rest of the week. cool them by this afternoon, a big cool down. a look now at the yesterdays highs 77 sam francisco, anyone in oakland, at 80 napa, 81 in oakland, 80 napan jose 77, said rows 83. today's temperature big drops across the board with those temperatures a
are back. developing right now in terms of president barack obama aboard air force one. he's going to penn state. he will be per moulmein tax credits.he is t there. following the latest set of oklahoma. the last of the helicopters headed out after car plunges into a frozen river. north east oklahoma. they went in the water to rescue six people that tell five stories off of the bridge into the frozen river below. you can see dive team is on top of the vehicle. although more able to get on top of the vehicle waiting two hours for rescue workers. all aplomb taken to hospitals where they are treated for hypothermia--being treated -- >> alive look at san jose 1 01 traffic. sluggish pass the guadalupe parkway. all of that sun shine looking at a warm-up. >> the sun shine making an appearance. clear start for the day free of fog today. mostly sunny and the evening brings us clear conditions appeared cool start, not as cold as across the country. chicago - 7, 6 below zero in detroit, 15 for new york, 14 into burlington new york and boston. we are at the freezing mark right now in san rosa, chillier
.m., monday february 14th, a top stories president obama is speaking this morning we will have his budget proposal calling temptresses, sacrifices. >> darya: the search continues a serial robbery. >> mark: that to the rain and they, lexus and track- sharing rain showers moving from left, on the bottom right, top rate is the golden gate. louisa is watching the conditions. >> louisa: the bulk of the rain it moves through this morning. we're still getting some here's a look that some of the top wind gas. oakland hills of courts to 45 mi. an hour. , san jose, sfo, mill valley 35. 25 richmond. storm tracker 4 shares your the rain is from nevada them to san rafael. for its vallejo as well. getting a good dose of wet weather. south bay, leftover sprinkles. also into portions of san jose, this. for the most air winding down as the wet weather moves to bali. strong winds up to 60 mi. an hour to assets sold. along the coast continued to keep this wins high at 26 mi. an hour. 20 hayward, 26 in oakland. current temperatures on the warm side 53 san francisco. upper 50s, low 60s. 57 napa, fairfield, ne
's continue. president barack obama is in the bay area today meeting with a group of technology business leaders. and the facebook founder. this visit will focus on job creation, and dialogue with the business community. >> darya: supreme court will decide whether prop 8 have the right to defend the same-sex marriage ban before a federal appeals court. the court said it will give it expedited consideration and could hear arguments in september. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m.. a look at san francisco of break but some pop- up downpours around the bay. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> darya: >> mark: winter storm warning in effect until saturday morning at 4:00 a.m., three pieces of video that we got about 20 minutes ago. these are the conditions at 80, this ability is low here.viu do need chains to get over all the passes. they made some headway there. you can see pavement. they are looking at another 2-4 ft. at the higher elev
to it going against present our obama as a reform. it affected americans that decided not to purchase health insurance. it is one of several lawsuits filed against a lot. the federal judge here is the third democrat to dismiss a challenge. >>darya: president barack obama congratulated and member of his staff and senses well wishes to a manual.--sends well wishes to an annua--and manuaemanual. he coue been more proud.--not have been. >>mark: we will return in a few minutes. and then that will come back. watching the bay area weather. nice today. scattered showers tomorrow. into friday morning that there is a real concern that we have the possibility of snowflakes. even at around c level. there is a storm watch in the north gate especially friday morning. snow showers possible. things will clear out by sunday with nice weather. look at san francisco. filtered sunshine out there. as cold as it was yesterday morning. some inland spots in the 30's are not as chile it says the morning. low 50s into the afternoon. rain thread start tomorrow. >>darya: mug shots of cherished bad shotsmugg
you do that use the hatch take asked embrace. president barack obama wants everybody to have speedy wireless service. he is headed to the michigan town of marquette to promote this plan. he says the city is a model for how the internet can bring prosperity to roper in places. he wants 98% of the population have it within five years. >> james: san francisco has work to do before the america's cup. it has to improve a purist, it bridge channels, raise money from corporate sponsors. the city has to set up large video screens for people who want to watch the race. they have quite a to do list. ucsf has opened a stem cell research center. university says scientists will work free from federal restrictions because the facility is paid for with state and private funds. the building opened yesterday, housing 25 stem cells labs. we will take a quick break but tobacco's side at the golden gate bridge worried your ride in the southbound direction is moving all right. back with more moment. >> darya: evening now in egypt we are awaiting for a big announcement, from the president of egypt. he sa
on tuesday. >> james: michelle obama says her daughters aren't on facebook, and that's the way she likes it. the first lady says her girls, sasha, 9, and malia, 12, have certain restrictions that other children don't have because of but she also said during an interview on nbc's "today show" on wednesday that she's "not a big fan of young kids having facebook." >> darya: top three golfers will be paired together a plane had to get in divide. tiger woods holding down the third spot. cnn's sat down with an interview. tigers as it's not about golf it's about kids. >> what ever they want to do we do. when i don't have the like in practice more. but when they're around it's about them. >> reporter: are the in to golf? >> sam is different she's not been to golf. >> reporter: you just love spending time with them? you have said being a great father is more important than major titles is that right? >> to be around them and to be with them and help them grow. share experiences with them. is so special because >> darya: he held the no. 1 rating before slipping from the top spot last fall. >> james:
president barack obama from ththe stimulus plan. much of the money has not been spoken for. the leaders say they will be lucky to identify it $5 billion in stimulus related spending cuts as part of the plan to save tax payers trillions of dollars over the years. >> safely is being sued over tainted eggs. they are being sued because they are claimed to not have explained to a family that aids may have had seminole up in proper information. safeway it says " we do our best to let you know about all of our recalls " >> heading into super bowl weekend and a lot of people trying to get into dallas. we found it to 636 flights have been canceled. this looks shows you why. look at all of this no they are dealing with. another blast of winter overnight for them. at a few inches of snow piling up. we of icy streets and sidewalks in dallas. just two days before the super bowl. we will bury back. navajo welcome back. 7:45 a.m.. a quick look at some of the stories that we're following. the egyptian president is demanded it to be ousted. tens of thousands that have suffered the street battles with report
instances for their life to stay alive. make it daylight. this is one day after president obama pushed the president to loosen his grip on power immediately. we have white house spokesperson released this statement earlier. it says, " the u.s. condemned the violence, deeply concerned about attacks on the media and peaceful demonstrators. we repeat our strong call for restraint " to we have not seen that materialized. it's a riot still. here's more video, children in the crowd. this is demonstration that was peaceful until now many families have brought their children to take part. now they are caught in the mayhem. as for the military forces, the army is there in force. troops, vehicles, tanks. they are doing nothing at this point, standing by, letting this violence take place. a few pieces of equipment have moved here and there, still no move on the airport to quell the situation. the internet has been turned back on. numerous reports from people on the ground from demonstrators come a journalist, all the reporting the same thing it is chaos. we have other demonstrators supporting the
across the span. >> james: the obama administration says it will no longer defend the defense of marriage act in court. the law which defines a marriage between a man a woman is unconstitutional. we spoke to an expert. >> i don't think it's a game changer. in the overall effort to strike down a distinction between gays and straights. that's the game changer. propagated state law, this is a federal statute they are unrelated in that sense. >> james: a spokesperson says president barack obama is grappling with his personal view said he has always personally opposed it he says it's unnecessary and unfair. gay and lesbian couples will have the same rights and hawaii. the governor signed a bill into law takes effect interfirst of next year. hawaii will be the seventh state to allow possible unions. five other states including columbia allow same- sex marriage. in southern california more search warrants has been served in bell. at to homes connected to former top official. he is among several officials who aren't bloated salaries it took in more than $421,000 a year of director of general serv
: president obama is speaking from cleveland, we want to listen endin. >> interacting with the team and the surrounding community. i want to make some quick introductions, caramels is here. (cheering & applause) >> darya: he is carried on with the program their in cleveland, we will monitor this to see if he makes comments about libya. the white house spokesperson did, the government finds that the islands in libya appalling. we will monitor it. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months, dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows in any room. and you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential televi
barack obama will be sending a message of compromise as he meets today with democratic leaders. their point was to go through budget issues. they're trying to avoid issues with the union workers. here is some video of at cape canaveral florida. showing you the launch of it space shuttle discovery. everything went smoothly. it is headed to the international space station. this morning six astronauts will spend the day surveying the shuttle for any large gambllaunch damage were some pieces that broke off the fuel tank at the time of takeoff. at this point they do not think it is a safety issue. following the 11 day mission of the discovery it will be retired and about its is an amusing parody will take a big it is 7:22 a.m.. following the markets as well. markets are reacting negatively. this morning there positive. let's hope this trend holds. >>james: we are back at 726. here is a look at lake tahoe forecast. a lot of accumulation for high at elevations. it will be cold to, overnight lows. saturday is 10 degrees in the negative. incredible. cold and snowy. there is also wild we
. the big board this morning it is mixed spiri. trading at 12,00167 obama administration will release findings and 10 month investigation into the runaway tory notice. it could address whether faulty electronics played our role in the safety recalls. the study was conducted by the department of transportation and scientists from nasa follows a string of high-profile reports of cars are accelerating out of control. they recalled 8 million vehicles 2008, 2009 for defects related to gas puddles. quick break and a look at mt. tam as we go. off in the distance and looks great. you see the branches blowing around. i winds out there. we will follow that as part of our team coverage. we'll have a look at the outlook ahead in just a couple of minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. se
in wisconsin it is confined to the state it could spread to other states. president barack obama now joining the conversation and hundred takes a look at the battle of wisconsin and why it matters internationally. >> to think this is just a narrow budget fight in one state? think again. >> some of what i've heard coming of wisconsin, is just making it harder for public employees to collective leave bargain. it seems like more of an assault on unions. >> the president knows wisconsin is one in the national battle for control of the budget message. he said his outside political team organizing for america ought to help build even larger crowds. union officials are battling to take the protest to ohio, indiana and other big 2012 political battlegrounds. >> wisconsin is just a start. he will start to see all over the country. this is payback for some of these folks. >> label officials think teachers are being unfairly targeted for deep cuts. the get smaller raises, pay more the pocket for pension and health-care analyst collective bargaining rights for both. he says he needs to cut somewhere. he
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